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jaber | 23 July, 2009 | 一般 | (56 Reads)

The time river like one long, the ones that are trickling are all our memory, the ones that are remembering are passing, is bearing the nike shoes weight of our laugh and sad, when once we are still children, we have been having fantasies of growing up quickly. Even sleep and dream and grow up by oneself. Can be in our really long time, much innate responsibility on one's body.

During the process of growing up, we want, force, learn a lot of, even whom body of us bear the weight of only our dream, from little we grow up in parents and expectation of Mr., teacher's sight proud of we, and the expression in one's eyes which parents look forward to, are all the heaviness for me, rush about in order to make money from little parents, always there is work not finishing every day, always there is housework not finishing too in the wow gold family, it is not the words encouraged forever that whenever I have taken the full marks what has been liked waited for me when want to tell Papa and Mama, but the proud famous saying that made people backward. I think so long as fault that I test they can notice in this world there is first of my existencesing even sometimes, it's a pity I have not done so, because I do not want to see parents look at me with the disappointed eyes, still remember, an annual " six, one " Full of three people of one family, my father's hands are taking mother by hand, mother's hands are taking me by hand, we can stroll in the park in order to go hand in hand, play games together, but seem not to have so bright memory in my memory, I look forward to the that day like other children every year, even if there are small hopes a bit, however, disappointed while looking forward to every year, really really want not to inhibit oneself again sometimes, go to Papa and Mama and ask why there is not your footprint in my growth, you always let me to be next to have a promise that can't be finished, but I am expecting, expect you can cast a look at me, it is for me forever that it is busy that I know you, in order to let me live a better life, but what I wanted is not when you can not finish the online dating promise that you make, spending money to remedy you can't give me intact love. Love of parents to have, take place, substitute, how much bring, love with whom money can't be replaced, connect with, belong to memory of my whole family have, really very much funny a bit childhood in I, grow up in such an environment, let me have to learn strongly, because the reason why you work, house grow up in grandmother nearly from little me, stop two day week each time, I will take a whole day in gate, see it will be your any one today that saw me, but waited until you at last, you will leave hurriedly when abandoning the things, it seems that you have never been here.

From little I in adult's eyes well-behaved woman of you, study well, and very much obedient, you say that I go to that school to let me go to that school, even if I am unwilling to go, I am still silly and silly and you resist, but the war of resistance has failed, I know you are good for me, ,but you have never me abode by heavily, have let me think my existence is your puzzlement, see you quarrelling over me eachly, this gets to the family which does not have a silk silk temperature ice-coldly, I know can how long there is,have a holiday at being go back to school May Day,the classmates all will warm discussion, and I always hide from it aside stealthily, I fear they ask me, which play your home went to have a holiday, I fear they ask me, really very funny, when others still hid to act like a child in parents' chest, but I want to worry about a lot of things, break dream and expectation that I wanted to grow up, see for who go, can hold parents for me you each time but quarrel, graduate from primary school and enter junior middle school, that school where you promised me to go, that school which I can expecting to walk close to, but you have change ideas, even I am the last one is known, then I have butterfly valves learnt to give up, have given up oneself, has given up the chance of study, let you have first I on the world to notice you only.

All all you have done for me, I know you fine for me, for can have kind life afterwards, the high school that can be first-class, the good university, have you as the former university dream on my body, I know you to love me, but love of you too getting heavy, it keeps to be unable to breath in I each time too, worry in the examination taken an exam of bad blaming, even a sentence of short words that I hope more you can encourage me, or an isolated expression in one's eyes, does not all have. Then I give up, give up oneself, school grade first Luis glide at the beginning, too late when you realized severity of the problem. It begin you review oneself,it begin you each all over blame by oneself,but everything the getting too more late, I am not admitted to the high school, the mark is not so ideal, you abandon the chance to let me study in the high school, from that time, I thorough to give up myself, I tell oneself take strong in countless nights, the tears have already no longer belonged to me, I neither need tears, nor need others' care, others' sympathy, in this way I study in the special secondary schools of two years, or you are the job that I choose, nurse, oh, it was on the ground that you let me think my life controls forever there is not swivel in others' hands, high school at I think even, my cry quietly in the heart. Nobody saw my tears, from that time, I grew up, I must be strong, because half a foot of mine has already marched toward this city that has been full of luring, I think I goes out to develop, you are not set free, do not allow me to leave in the name of love, your selfishness again and again, worry, because your love has become my puzzlement, I want to try, whether I can survive too to leave your arms, I hope to prove oneself, prove that depending on one's own capability can establish in an unassailable position in this city again, but I am wrong, as wing everything that I leave you makes it so difficult, the foot rubs to and bubbles in order to look for a job, it is swallowed only to one's own stomach and the one that receive is hurt and wronged, a greeting of having a phone convesation every day of yours, let me feel more in the strange city and make warm, let me know I have you, goes home if it is not all right but you will say the conversation once a day, you care that shake me, but I do not want to go home, your love lets me be unable to move ahead, but the end is still the compromise, as I have gone home, you get busy about one desk of good dishes, we have never attempted to communicate, because you are not free forever in my memory, but today, I know I am wrong, the tear drenches eyes, see fathers having a few bow-backed figures, looking at the gray hair of mother's temples, I wonder when mother had gray hair to let unexpectedly, my father's back camel, that once propped up a slice of arm of day for us, but merciless time left marks on their body, they are old, before long, we do not have whole family who have a chat about life and get the trival matters attentively, ideal and hope to have a chat about them, I know what be finally " walk thousand lies of mother worry, mother does not worry about competent thousand li "  Words I a real one understand, understand how have, treasure, and mother stroke hair of me say child of me grow up finally now. I was complaining originally, they were absent wedding dresses during my childhood, did not know until now because they were persons loving me in the world most, here is my haven forever, it is my home forever.

This period of time that go out, let me learn a lot, understand a lot of, you can lose everything in the world, money, fame and gain, status, but you can't have no family, because the family lets us become stronger, yes there is love in the place of home. Like letting me grow up.